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Effortlex Pre-Grade


We offer a pre-grade process in which we provide insight into the card's condition and assist you in determining whether or not it is worth grading. We also give you an estimate of the rating you might receive from PSA.


The card's grading is determined by CENTERING, CORNERS, EDGES, and SURFACE.

(For example, CENTERING: 8, CORNERS: 8, EDGES: 10, SURFACE: 10 = FINAL GRADE: PSA 9 Mint). 

[((8) + (8) + (10) + (10)] / (4 = 9)


The cost of the Effortlex Pre-Grade Process is $5.00 per card. Within 24 hours of completing your order on our website, you will receive an appointment schedule via email or phone.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Please keep in mind that cards pulled from packs and placed in sleeves will not be in perfect condition. In fact, the majority of the cards pulled from the pack are in PSA 7 (Near Mint: NM) - PSA 9 condition (Mint: MT). It's Difficult to Find PSA 10 GEM Mint


Pokémon cards have a better chance of getting a higher grading than YuGiOh cards because they have better printers. Many YuGiOh! pulls straight from the packs will have a blemish or minor scratch, especially Ghost Rares. (Because it is difficult to determine, we do not pre-grade Ultimate Rare YuGiOh Cards.)

Effortlex Pre-Grade Service

  • An appointment is required. Following your purchase, we will send you a confirmation and a schedule plan. You must be physically present with your cards. We will not accept your cards if they are shipped to us, and we will not be responsible for any damage or loss if you are not present during the grading process.


    (Approximate time per card: 3 - 5 minutes) - You will receive a papers certificate from us after we complete the grading process.


    When you schedule an appointment, you are expected to arrive on time. You can also call or email us within 48 hours to have the appointment changed. If you miss your appointment without notifying us 48 hours in advance, we will be unable to reschedule you and you will not be refunded.

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